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Miss European is a competition designed to select young ladies every year to travel within Europe representing their country on an international stage.


Any young lady is eligible for selection, as long as they are aged berween 16 and 30. After a rigorous selection process, a European National Team is  selected consisting of Ten Team Members. The selection process hinges on various factors - articulation, deportment, charm and personality being just a few.


During the year-long reign, the Team Members will undertake various duties from attending civic functions to help promote charities and local and European business.


The Grand Final which takes place in a different country each year and lasts a week cumulating in a Team Dance Final, and the Miss European Final night consisting of three rounds, Clubwear, Swimwear and Evening Wear. Three girls  are selected from each country and then the top girl The European National Princess competes for the Miss European Title.


2016  has 9 diferent Countries 90 girls competing for the Miss European Title

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