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Competitors must be 16 to 28years of age   - the year of the Grand Final


Competitors under 18 years of age must supply written parental consent to enter this competition and if succesful, to go forward to the main competition to be held over Seven days, Six nights.



Competition and General Rules


Competitors who are succesful in their bid for selection, agree to attend the grand final

Where a title holder is unable to fulfil her obligations to the Miss European (England) Ltd Organisation, for whatever reason, the runner-up will be offered that Miss European title.


All titles bestowed on the winning contestants (for the period of one year unless otherwise advised) remain the property of the Miss European (England) Organisation and may not be used without their written permission. Title sashes may only be worn by prior agreement with the Chairman or Secretary of Miss European (England) Ltd Organisation.


Competitors must have a current valid 10 year British passport, which must be valid for at least 12 months.

Title-holders in the Miss European Competition will place themselves under the direction of their appointed chaperone(s) , who will provide guidance with regard to protocol and other matters.

Competitors will need to supply the neccessary costumes and accesories for each applicable round of the competition.

Competitors successful in their qualification will be expected to maintain a satisfactory level of deportment throughout their year as title holders.


Family members only will be allowed to accompany competitors, subject to space, prior application and comittee approval. Friends and Partners are not eligible.

Contact with the press or other related media re: Miss European has to have the full consent of the Miss European (England) Organisers.  


The decision of the committee of the Miss European (England) Organisation is final, in all matters


Failure to comply with the rules and conditions listed herein may result in dismissal and confiscation of all titles and prizes won.


Competitors may only hold a Team England sash three times.


Any competitor who is succesful in obtaining the Miss European  title is not eligible to enter the competition again.


Entry Fees, Sponsorship and Fund-Raising


Competitors who are successful in the English Regional selections and obtain a place on Team England must pay an entry fee (£500.00) to the Miss European (England) Organisation.


All Sponsorship collected is the property of Miss European  (England) Organisation. All cash donations must be recorded on the official sponsorship forms provided. All cheques must be made payable to Miss European (England) and not to an individual.